Please read the following to help retrieve your login and/or password:

-Your login is based on your account number with the manufacturer. If you do not have
your manufacturer account number, you will need to contact them for that information.
Click Here for a listing of the manufacturers who use Warranty Central and their phone numbers.

-The three letter manufacturer code is also a part of your login. Make sure to include the three
letter code in your login before your account number as follows: {Manufacturer Code}{Account Number}
The password is similar -- just reverse the order as follows: {Account Number}{Manufacturer Code}

Example Login: ZZZ12345
Example Password: 12345ZZZ

For a listing of all the manufacturer three letter codes, click here.

-If you are still unable to login, please call DWS technical support at 847.426.6000.

*Please Note: DWS is unable to give out any login information for Beverage Air.
You will need to contact them directly for your login information.